Best Perfumes For Women

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A perfume is a fashion statement. It is the most essential part of a woman’s accessories. Perfume defines your personality and character. It reflects the kind of person you are. Different types of fragrances suit different kind of women and each woman has her own preference for a particular fragrance.

There are three basic types of perfumes i.e. Perfume, Eau de toilette and Eau de cologne. Perfume is most expensive as the ratio of the concentrated scent is higher in it than in the other two varieties. Perfume is more lasting as well due to its strength. It lasts up to 6 hours. Eau de toilette has the strength to last up to 3-5 hours. Eau de cologne has the strength to last up to 2 hours.

Women’s perfumes come in different fragrances and each perfume has its own character. Mentioned below is a list of different perfumes for women to help you choose your preferred fragrance.

Top 7 Perfumes for Women

Citrus Scents

Citrus perfumes are refreshing, they have a tangy fragrance and suits women who do not like to wear overpowering perfumes.

Citrus Scents

Citrus scent is derived from lemon, orange, tangerine and mandarin etc. citrus perfumes are most suitable for day time wear.

Woody (Chyper)Scents

Woody scents are derived from bark of trees and moss. They have an appealing fragrance which gives a feel of natural surroundings.

Woody (Chyper)Scents

Woody perfumes have a touch of masculinity in them and it is more suitable for professional women as woody scents are perfect office wear.

Green Scents

As the name suggests, green scents derive their fragrance from green leaves and grass. Eucalyptus, lemon grass, pine and juniper leaves and herbs are used to create green perfumes.

Green Scents

They are best suited for casual gatherings and outdoor activities as they keep you fresh for a long period of time.

Spicy Scents

spicy scents for women

Spicy scents are made with cinnamon, clove, pepper, ginger and cardamom. These are heady perfumes and more suitable for winters. These perfumes have a great combination of warmth and sensuality.

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Fruity Scents

Fruity perfumes smell fresh and spicy. They are liked mostly by teenagers and young girls who do not like to make bold statements.

Fruity Scents for women

Apple, peach, berry, mango and green apple are used to create magical fruity perfumes. Fruity perfumes can be worn at any time, day or night.

Floral Scents

The most feminine of all perfumes are the floral scents. The fragrance is sweet and romantic. Rose, magnolia, jasmine, lavender, gardenias and carnations are used to make floral scents.

Floral Scents

Floral perfumes may carry a single scent or they can be created by blending two or more floral scents. The combination is heady and exciting. Floral perfumes with fragrance of jasmine, gardenia or carnations are more suitable for day time and rose, magnolia and lavender perfumes can be worn in evening.

Oriental Scents

Oriental Scents

Oriental scents are exotic and feminine at the same time. These are musk, amber, resins and earthy perfumes which carry a flavor of the jungle with them. Oriental perfumes are ideally worn on a warm summer evenings.

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