Top Six Tips For Wedding Bridal Accessories

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Wedding Bridal AccessoriesChoosing wedding bridal accessories is as important a task as is choosing a wedding gown. No matter how good your wedding gown is, if you do not pay much attention to the accessories, your overall appearance may turn into a big turn off. A great fun way is to follow the traditional rule – something blue, something borrowed, something new and something old. Wearing something blue is considered as a sign of purity and fidelity.

Something borrowed indicates that there are families and friends by your side and you will not be facing the world alone with your husband. Wearing something new is obviously a symbol of the beginning of a new life. On the other hand, something old acts as the memory of your life before marriage. Traditionally, it is believed that following this basic rule ensures a happy marriage life for the bride. Even if you do not believe in this tradition, it can be great fun to choose your wedding accessories according to this rule.

Wedding Bridal Accessories


Many fun-loving brides wear blue shoes to cover the something blue part. It is gradually making its way into the bridal fashion. But, if you do not think that wearing blue shoes is a good idea, you can consider wearing shoes with blue peep toe heels.

Bridal blue Shoes

Another fun way is just to paint your toe-nails blue. This can be a great idea, especially if you have planned your honeymoon in a tropical locale.

Sapphire Jewelry

If you want to integrate something blue, an elegant, classy and eye-catching way is to wear sapphire jewelry. It is up to you to decide whether you want to wear a small or a big piece of sapphire. You can choose to wear a pair of simple stud earrings or an elaborate chunky necklace.

Sapphire Jewelry

The options abound and you can easily find a piece of sapphire jewelry that fits your budget. If you have a really tight budget or if you do not want to spend a huge sum of money on this aspect, you can even consider wearing fake sapphires. Even fake sapphires look like real ones. Only you would know the secret.


Veil is one of the most important wedding bridal accessories. This is what makes you look like a bride. Veils are usually made of netting, organza, chiffon, tulle or lace and they usually cost a lot of money. But, these days, brides usually do not wear veil during the reception.


Veil is used only for a very little amount of time during the actual marriage ceremony. That is the reason why borrowing a veil from your loved one, such as your mother or great aunt, may not be a bad idea. This will not only cover the something borrowed part of the tradition but will also help you financially. Why to spend money on something that you are going to wear for only a little while?

Make up

Your wedding is probably the most special day of your life. So, do not wear the same old make up shades that you use every day. Go for the brand-new makeup to get a unique, fresh and elegant wedding day look. Get a new foundation, including lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and blush.

Bridal Makeup

If your budget allows, you can even consider getting a signature bridal fragrance as well. But, even with all that make up, you must look like yourself. So, just make sure not to go overboard.

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Carrying A Bouquet Is Not A Mandatory Rule

Carrying a bouquet is a traditional thing but the fashion is changing and fun loving brides are experimenting with new things. One of the latest trends is to carry makeup bags and vintage clutches. It adds a little sophistication to your bridal look.

vintage clutches

This can be a great idea, especially if you are known for your expansive collection of handbags. Look for fabric clutches with cute embroidered details or bags in unique shapes. Metallic styles also look great. This way, you can be true to your style even during this big day of your life.

Your Mother’s Wedding Accessories

Last, but not the least, a sentimentally very special thing that you may like to incorporate with your wedding bridal accessories is something that belongs to your mother. It can be her wedding veil, pearl earrings or just her embroidered handkerchief. Wearing your mother’s wedding accessories will be a great owner for her and you will also feel very special.

Overall, though wedding gown is most crucial, you must spend quality time to plan your wedding bridal accessories as well. Wearing your best gown with the best planned accessories will make your big day very special. It also makes for great photographs of your wedding day.

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