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Vintage Hair AccessoriesVintage fashion has made a huge comeback in the recent times, and vintage hair accessories are considered to be great in updating your look. Inspired from the beauty of authentic antique heirlooms, vintage hair accessories have a special potential to enhance the overall look and appearance of the adorner.

A magnificent vintage hairstyle that is prettified with matching vintage hair accessories is great in instantly adding a statement to your look. Vintage-inspired hair accessories can be worn on any occasions, and especially on wedding day. These fashion accessories can add a great deal of charm to any vintage-themed celebration.

Some Top Vintage-Inspired Hair Accessories

Some of the popular vintage hair accessories are veils, hats, headbands, combs, clips, fascinators, flowers, tiaras, pins etc.

Vintage Tiaras

Tiaras have been an all-time favorite hair accessory among women, mainly owing to the princess image they conjure upon the viewers. Vintage-inspired side tiaras can make anyone look sophisticated yet classic. Oxidized colored tiaras are great in lending the characteristic retro look. Headbands and bun rings are the most popular types of tiaras, and they are great in complementing long, curly hair or an up swept hairdo.

Vintage Tiaras

Garland-inspired side tiaras can make any woman look fabulous on her wedding day. Luxurious gold tone tiaras that are adorned with Austrian crystals, English porcelain roses and ivory pearls can be ideal choice for a country garden wedding. The design of intertwined twigs and leaves can make your hair breathtakingly adorable. Tiaras that come studded with magnificent designs and patterns of flowers are eternally popular among women who adore vintage style.

The figure of an out-sized lily on the band that is studded with countless Austrian crystals and pear-cut crystals can be amazing. There are a range of vintage tiaras designs that replicate the bygone eras’ passion for ribbon art and patterns. Side tiaras with bows that are made of multi-looped Austrian crystal layers and ivory faux pearl accents can be a stunning adorning piece for your hair. Tiaras that feature gold and ivory pearl with leafy details, tiaras with teardrop diamante etc. are still popular among modern brides.

Vintage Hair Clips and Hair Pins

Vintage hair clips lavishly blend elegant and timeless beauty in unique manner. Vintage-inspired hair slides and hair clips often come embellished with buttons, sequins, beads and crystals. Vintage hair bow clips featuring printed and vibrant hued fabrics have a special charm. Floral pearl hair clips, crystal daisy pins, pearl blossom hair clips and turquoise hair clips studded with beautiful inset stones are used by even modern brides.

Vintage Hair Clips and Hair Pins

 There are bewildering varieties of flower and leaves-inspired vintage hair clips that are available from specialty retail and online stores. Hair clips and pins that are adorned with bouquet of crystal flowers can richly adorn your lustrous hair in magical manner. Besides white crystals and beads, there are clips and pins that come studded with vibrant stones such as amethyst and lilac crystals.

Hair clips that come adorned with single massive floral patterns are great for wedding events. They can be beautifully set in chignons. There exist timeless beauty in vintage hair pins that come studded with pearl and feminine floral designs. Austrian crystals and classic pearls are often used to adorn these accessories.

Vintage hair pins that are designed to replicate the form of tiny garlands will add special glamour quotient to the adorner. These hair pins that are decorated with faux pearls and Austrian crystal accents can ideally be put on elegant French pleats, low side buns or loving chignons.

Flowers and Feathers Vintage Hair Accessories

Vintage-inspired floral and feather hair accessories can be worn at the side of the head or just above the ear. It can elegantly be tucked into an up do hair style also. Headbands that are prettified with big flowers and feathers on one side are a hit among vintage accessory lovers.

Flowers and Feathers Vintage Hair Accessories1

Flower and feathers are also attached with veils, combs, hair lips, hair pins etc. Flower hair clips are ideal to be worn by brides, since they exude exquisite serenity. Hair flowers are usually made of high quality fabrics such as satin, silk, velvet etc. Dyed feathers are often used to make feather hair accessories. Simply tucking in a cute and big white satin flower on side-swept hair is an excellent style for any formal occasion.

Hats and Fascinators

Hats and fascinators are exclusive vintage hair pieces that are still adored by modern women. Dish style, vintage-inspired hats and wool hats are great in creating exquisite retro charm. There are hats that come loaded with satin trims, satin accent bows, jewel tipped accents, and a liberal amount of velvet dotted veil.

Hats and Fascinators

Ruffled burgundy cocktail hats with a mesh veil; classic wool berets; wool hats with large wool bows, jewel tipped accents, antiqued gold trim, and accent bows; mini pill box hats etc. are other varieties of vintage hat accessories. Hair fascinators that come adorned with straw rose and feather details, white and black swirl fascinators, cocktail fascinators, tiered fascinators, feather and mesh fascinators are some popular vintage hair accessories.

Hair Veils

Hair veils that flaunt vintage-inspired designs are eternally popular among brides of all times. Face cage veils have adorable classic charm, when they come laden with large silk bridal hair flower dotted with sparkling Swarovski crystals. A bridge cage veil with feather fascinator clips, silk tulips, supple feathers, rhinestones and bright Austrian crystals is a thing of beauty in itself.

Hair Veils


Rhinestone cage veils are proficient in lending the much needed heavenly charm to brides. These veils will look all the more fabulous if they are adorned with a prominent floral pattern. Full French black birdcage millinery veils that are adorned with black velvet halo fascinator hat and satin bow exude exquisite elegance in timeless manner.

Birdcage veils that are topped with mini silk flowers, tulle bows with flocked velvet polka dots and vintage hat boxes are essentially retro in nature and style. If you crave to attach an element of interest to your hair vintage hair accessories are the ideal option.

They help you to express your style distinctively. There are many specialty shops that supply exclusive vintage hair accessories. Choose the one that reflect your style and personality.

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